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What is the average depth of the river?
The river is banked on both sides by wild rice. Due to water fluctuations there is no steadfast depth. On the average it varies from 10 to 30 feet. There are some holes though that are 50 feet.


Do you accept credit cards?
No. Due to our remote location we do not have the facilities for credit card machines


Do you sell fishing licenses?
No. Minnesota has gone all electronic. You can pick them up at any gas station or bait store once you arrive in Minnesota.


How far away is Town?
Orr is the closest town and it is approximately 27 miles.


Where is the closest Grocery Store?
Orr is the closest. Virginia is the next biggest town in our area.


Is there restaurants in the area?
Yes there are restaurants about 10 miles away.


What kind of bait do we use?
We sell crawlers and leeches throughout the season. Minnows are available when appropriate. As far as artificial goes it depends on what you are fishing for. For Northern Pike weedless is great. Gold and Silver spoons with twister tails. Gold plating on the back of spinner baits shows up better. Rappala divers and shallow swimmers work great too. During key time periods some people use sucker minnows. Slip bobbers are commonly used for walleye fishing as well as quarter ounce jigs in bright colors. The small mouth we usually use live bait, but redeyes and Dare Devils work good too.


Do you allow pets?
Pets are welcome without charge. We just ask you take care of them and pick up after them.


Is there a public beach?
No, But there are some in the area. Most of our customers swim right off the dock


Are there BBQ grills?
We have some charcoal grills that float around camp. To guarantee a grill every day we recommend you bring your own.


Is there a public phone?
No. We have a Satellite phone which you may use for a fee. Cell phones do not work in our area, so you may want to prepare loved ones so they do not worry.


Do your hunters have to hunt with a particular weapon?
No. We accommodate our bear hunters to their weapon preference. We usually talk in depth with our hunters before they arrive so we know what they are using and what to bring.


Is there a fish cleaning house on the grounds?


Does the generator get shut off at night?
No. It runs 24 hours a day 7days a week. It only gets shut down for 20 minutes a week for routine maintenance.


Are there hiking trails in the area?
Yes. The National park has marked hiking trails. Around the resort they are not marked but there are many logging tails that are easy to navigate.


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Gold Mine Camp
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Virginia, Minnesota 55792
(218) 305-4887
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