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A Unique Experience - River Fishing

Children love catching fish at Gold Mine Camp

Should a fisherman prefer smaller, more tranquil water, the Vermilion River has no equal. The Vermilion is a deep, slow moving, calm and tranquil fishery. Protected from the elements such as wind and white caps, it allows the fisherman to view a scenic wonderland while pursuing his favorite sport.

On your first visit to the river you will delight in exploring what’s around the next corner. Marvel at the beautiful scenery and the peaceful waters located between two rapids/waterfalls. You will delight in fishing large bays, such as Horseshoe bay.  These bays are really lakes within the river, often having both inlets and outlets. Dozens of feeder streams and creeks flow into the Vermilion River. As any avid angler is aware, such mouths are often fish-filled as they supply running water. This moving water brings both food and oxygen into the Vermilion.

Photos from the 2011 Fishing and Bear Seasons

It's not just the men who catch fish at Gold Mine CampIf peaceful, fish-filled waters are in your vacation plans or if you are an avid river fisherman, Gold Mine Resort is eagerly awaiting your arrival.

Undoubtedly one of the finest Smallmouth and Northern Pike fisheries in all of Minnesota, Gold Mine offers an ease of fishing unparalleled in the modern age. Walleyes, Crappies and other species are available, especially during key time periods.



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